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Adventures in Japan (-ese airports)

The flight from DFW to the Nartia Airport in Tokyo was fairly… uneventful. Honestly, I was knocked out most of those 13hrs.

PROTIP: If you’re the kind of person who has trouble sleeping on airplanes (like me), then don’t sleep for 2 days before leaving, and you’ll sleep right through the flight.

So, yeah, Narita. I’m surprised that the liquid restrictions even apply for connecting flights. Meaning if I bought a nice, big, duty-free bottle of… something expensive, I’d have to let them confiscate it while transferring to Taipei. Fun.

It’s alright though, Narita has some kick-ass seats at the terminal.

Kick-ass seats at Narita Airport

Kick-ass seats at Narita Airport.

Sorry about the green tint, my camera is not very good. But seriously, these seats were awesome: really comfortable, great view, and they reclined!

The view at the seats at Narita.

The view at the seats at Narita.

No free Wi-Fi though, which kinda sucks. They do have a thing where you pay 500yen or $6 and get internet for 24hrs, which might be nice if you have to wait a really long time. My sister and I were just waiting for 2 hours and just had 1000yen on us at the time, so we figured the money was definitely better spent on snacks.

Interestingly enough, at their conbini-ish store near the terminal (btw, cod rice balls + CC Lemon, hell yeah), they had a book rack with… well… books and manga -but that’s not the interesting part! Well, here’s a pic of the rack:

NRT manga rack

Book/manga rack.

At the bottom-right, there’s English-translated manga from Viz right next to the natives! Weird, but kinda cool. Perhaps it’s a statement on the globalization of the world or the mainstream acceptance of manga… or maybe not.

Close-up of Viz manga.

Close-up of the Viz manga.

But seriously, those seats kicked ass.

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