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Day 1 in Japan: Bridge Fail

This post will be a bit short since I’m in the midst of Comiket preparations right now.

We touched down around 3pm and had to ride trains for about 90min to get to our hostel, the Sumidagawa Youth Hostel near Asakusabashi.

After settling down, we went out in search of dinner and for a practice run to Big Sight, where Comiket is held.

We came across this place called Sukiya on our way to the Kuramae station.



Sukiya Food

Sukiya Food

I had a beef bowl with raw green onions and a raw egg while my sister had sliced beef curry.

You use the strange metal strainer thingy on the right by cracking the egg into the strainer, which separates the egg whites from the yolk, then you plop the yolk on top of the beef bowl. Raw egg yolk is actually pretty darn good with beef and green onions.

We then rode over to Big Sight in Ariake as a practice run. The plan was to run over there then to walk across the nearby Rainbow Bridge over the river then go see Tokyo Tower.

Big Sight at Night

Big Sight at Night

Looks like an alien mothership touching down, no?

Today was actually the 1st day of Comiket 77, which we unfortunately had to miss due to scheduling reasons. I was kinda surprised though that even when we got there at around 7pm there were still plenty of people there even though the event ends everyday at 5pm!

We walked over to Odaiba nearby afterwards to look for the Rainbow Bridge. We pretty much did it by following the rainbow-colored Big Wheel in the distance.

Big Wheel

Big Wheel

In between, we came across Palette Town and got our PokeDexes and starters.

Palette Town

Palette Town

We walked to Rainbow Bridge, only to find that the pedestrian portion of the bridge closed at 6pm during the winter months! That’s life.

Rainbow Bridge... Closed to Pedestrians

Rainbow Bridge… Closed to Pedestrians

By that time it had gotten kinda late-ish, and since we get locked out of our hostel at 11pm and we’re going to Comiket nice and early at 6:30am, we decided it would be best to get back.

So after buying some bread at a local bakery at a 40% discount (yay, end-of-day sales!) and some bottled water, we headed back.

Now back to hurriedly preparing for Comiket.

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