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Day 1 in Taiwan: I like food edition.

So we touched down in Taipei around midnight. I watched this awesome Japanese movie on the plane called “南極料理人” or “The Chef of the South Pole”.

An aside: JAL and AA.

Getting through customs and everything was fairly uneventful. The only fun part was this:

Quarantine Beagles.

The mighty Taiwanese Quarantine Beagles.

I like how specific they were in that they were using beagles to sniff out agricultural contraband.

After some family greetings, settling down at grandma’s, and a welcome night of sleep, we headed out into Taipei in the morning.

Food Report: Breakfast in Taiwan.

The short version: breakfast in Taiwan is awesome, cheap and delicious.

So after taking care of some family stuff, we headed… to go eat lunch at the Mitsukoshi near Taipei Main Station.

Shinkong Mitsukoshi - outside

Shinkong Mitsukoshi, standing in all its phallic glory in the middle of Taipei. It’s got this huge department store… but who cares about any of that, they have an awesome food court in the basement.

Food Report: Teppanyaki.

Short version: Teppanyaki is great stuff.

So after wandering around Mitsukoshi for a bit, which by the way, I could not find a good beanie for myself. We went… to go eat dinner at this hot pot place called “Cash City”, which is perhaps the awesome-est restaurant name evar.

Cash City

Cash City

Food Report: Hot Pot.

Then we headed back to the Metro to head back home. I pretty much just ran around and ate stuff all day with the family. Best day evar.

On the way back, I saw this sign from your friendly neighborhood pants store, Pants Kingdom.

Pants Kingdom

"Even the biggest of birds can fit in our pants."

According to my mom, “bird” in Chinese is slang for… yeah, that.

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  1. Dustin Ho says

    Oh gawd that looks delicious (teppanyaki).

    I look forward to your adventures sir. Keep us updated.

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