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Happy Day!

So I was looking through the Comiket 77 catalog and to my surprise, most of the Touhou stuff seems to be on Day 2 and most of the Nanoha stuff is on Day 3.

Comiket 77 Catalog

Comiket 77 Catalog

Due to travel issues, we’re gonna be missing Day 1, so there was a bit of concern there.

The thing, by the way, is freaking huge. I got a copy of the CD version of the catalog, but even then, just looking at the sheer amount of circles that will be there is… offsetting. There are roughly 1000 pages for the circle listing and roughly 36 circles per page…. yeah, that’s a lot.

I’m excited and a bit scared about my first Comiket, but we’ll see how it goes.

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