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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Well, as I’m writing this it’s actually been 10 or so hours after the year changed.

We attended a New Year’s party at the hostel and then went to go visit 3 local shrines. Since we’re living near Asakusa, there are a lot of shrines around here.

I got pics and details, and I’ll put them up when I have the time later.

For now, we’re about to go to the big shrine in Asakusa, the Senso-ji Shrine, which is the biggest, oldest, and most popular Buddhist temple in Japan. The crowds are supposed to be crazy, but we’ll see.

On a sorta-related note, I was watching the NHK Red vs White Song Contest they have every New Year’s Eve and Nana Mizuki showed up!!

Watching the NHK Song Contest

Watching the NHK Song Contest

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