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I’m Back Dawg!!!

…Actually I’ve been back in the States for a few days, but jet lag has hit me surprisingly hard, considering I rarely sleep anyway.

My brain on jet lag. Osaka-style.

My brain on jet lag.

Now that the thrill of traveling is gone, I guess the real question is what should I do with this blog? I still have to finish the posts on Japan (which I’ll do soon, I swear!), but I guess it’s time to figure out what I want to write about regularly.

Here’s a few ideas so far:

-Project logs on the various DIY stuff I like to do. Like my arcade stick I’m building right now. (It’ll be sweet!)

-Development logs. I’m planning to play with Android development for the sheer hell of it.

-Games and Anime and stuff that I enjoy. Might as well.

-Whatever. Most likely category.

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