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Comiket 77 Loot

So I’ve been cleaning and organizing my stuff the last few days, and I’ve realized that I’ve never actually compiled and organized all the doujinshi I bought.

Comiket 77 Loot

Comiket 77 Loot


Idolmaster – 1

Mitsudomoe – 1

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 1

Misc – 6   (1 drama CD, 1 game, 1 calendar)

Lucky Star – 5

K-On! – 6   (1 tankouban)

Saki! – 8   (2 tankouban)

Touhou – 26   (3 tankouban, 1 poster/pins set)

Nanoha – 37   (6 tankouban/compilations)

Total – 91

Complete List Here

…so yeah, about what I expected. Especially since on Day 3 after I found the Nanoha section, I basically blew the rest of my cash there, and Day 2 was pretty much Touhou day.

Doujinshi Loot

Doujinshi Loot

Well, besides the actual doujinshi, I also got a few bags. Bags seem to be a big deal in Comiket, some circles have a limited amount of them and you get one if you’re early enough. They’re sturdy enough to be reusable, and you can see otakus with their limited-edition bags from previous Comikets.

On the second day, I bought an official Comiket 77 bag mostly because I was buying a catalog anyway and I needed a nice big bag.

The other bag in the picture came from Circle Pakurusu on day 3, fine purveyors of Nanoha and Saki yuri goodness.

Comiket Official Bag and Circle Pakurusu Bag

Comiket 77 Official Bag and Circle Parukusu Bag

Back of Bags

Back of Bags

On the second day, the first circle I went to was GP-Kids and they also gave me a bag. Surprisingly sturdy considering how small it is and how much crap I put in there.

The other bag was from Astronomy on day 3, Tiger Fate is seriously the cutest thing ever. The other side is also pretty awesome, sharp-eyed viewers will note the little Keine between Mokou and Kaguya.

GP-Kids and Astronomy Bags

GP-Kids and Astronomy Bags

Back of Bags

Back of Bags

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  1. Claire Ong says

    Hey there! May I ask whether those comics you bought are all in Japanese or some are translated. I’ve never been to Comiket before so I’m very interested. Those stuff you bought are soo cute! XD

  2. The Bonkler says

    Yeah, everything I bought was in Japanese.
    Actually, if I remember correctly, there actually is a section in Comiket for artists/circles outside of Japan. They might have stuff in other languages.
    If you have the opportunity though, I suggest going at least once just for the experience, since there’s nothing quite like it.

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