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Hidamari Sketch X Hoshimittsu Impressions

So I’m trying to catch up on my animu (my backlog is huge, btw), but Hidamari Sketch pretty much always takes priority.

3rd season already but it seems like the animation quality improves each season. Well, for this episode, at least, the animation quality seemed to be better than expected, especially for a slice-of-life anime like this.

Sae pining after Hiro

Not representative of the animation quality, but nonetheless relevant to my interests.

If you’re playing along at home, this episode covers a few chapters from the 4th volume (conveniently available in English by Yen Press), with Yuno’s adventures with English grammar tests and the freshmen moving in.

Speaking of which, Nazuna’s misfortunes make me wanna take her home and bake her cookies. (Sounds like a euphemism for something, huh?)

(T_TT ) Nazuna

(T_TT ) Nazuna

And Nori seems to be the only computer-literate kid on the block. Apparently Hidamari Apartments didn’t have an internet connection until she moved there. It’s hard to imagine not having internet or even a computer.

?O_O Nori

?O_O Nori

This has little to do with anything, but I’m all for Yuno x Miyako. Of course, Sae x Hiro is pretty much canon.


Yuno and Miyako... on a date!?

…I’m also for gratuitous bath time shots (even though there’s at least one per episode).

Yuno's Bath Time

Yuno's Bath Time

…I’ve just realized that I’m not going to blog about each episode. Especially given how sporadically I watch. I guess I’ll write about my impressions on the series as a whole as I go through it.

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