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Badminton Ninjas

I don’t talk about this much, but my family actually belongs to a clan of Badminton Ninjas. Let that sink into your head for a second. Badminton. Ninjas.

Since I’m in Taiwan, they took us over to the clan’s secret badminton training camp in Yuanshan (圓山).



It’s a bit of a walk up to the badminton courts, lots of steps.

Climbing Yuanshan

Climbing Yuanshan

And traps, like Ninja Flowers…

Ninja Flower

May or may not be a Ninja Flower.

Ninja Spiders…

Ninja Spider

May or may not be a Ninja Spider.

And Ninja Dogs…

Ninja Dog

May or may not be a Ninja Dog.

Ninja Dog 2

Probably not a Ninja Dog.

There are a lot of different platforms/covered areas/secret bases in Yuanshan. On any given weekend, there are lots of non-badminton-ninjas about doing recreation things.

Yuanshan Platforms/Bases

Yuanshan Platforms/Bases

So if you go off the beaten path at a certain point…

Beaten Path

Beaten Path.

Off the beaten path.

Off the Beaten Path.

…you get to the secret Ninja Badminton training court.

Secret Ninja Badminton Training Court

Secret Ninja Badminton Training Court

Where my clan’s Badminton Ninjas play… well, badminton.

Badminton Ninjas playing badminton

Badminton Ninjas playing badminton.

Btw, the 2 guys you see are actually shadow clones, the actual players are moving too fast for my camera.

If you go higher up the mountain, you’ll find lots of things that facilitate the training of Badminton Ninjas. Like shrines (+30 to Spirit)…


Ninja Shrines

Playground for Ninja Kiddies…


Ninja Playground

A place to workout…

Outdoor workout

Ninja Workout

…and at the top of the mountain is… some sort of communication tower.

Communication Tower

Ninja Communication Tower

Oh, and lots of karaoke for some reason. There are seriously around 5 or so karaoke machines set up in various places and they’re always being used. I can only assume the karaoke is either for concentration/focus training or to camouflage the Badminton Ninja training that’s going on.


Ninja Karaoke

This has nothing to do with anything, but the view from the top is pretty nice.

View from the top.

Ninja View

You might be wondering why I’m revealing so much about our clan’s Badminton Ninjas… I’m banking on the fact that this won’t show up in

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  1. Ting says

    Expect swift punishment for revealing secret training grounds.

  2. Old games says

    wow that place is very beautiful 🙂

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