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If you’ve read Yotsuba&! (if not you should stop everything and go read it, srsly), you may have come across this character:


Danbo Attacks!

For some reason, seems to have embraced this character on an official basis. I acquired from one of their campus visits a T-shirt that is basically Danbo made out of boxes.

So I was wearing that shirt and walking around Taipei Main Station. There’s this place called K-Mall that sells video games and toys in floor B1. I walk into this one toy store and I see this on the shelf: Danbo Revoltech Figure Danboard Revoltech Figure

It’s a Danbo Revoltech figure ver.! The eyes even light up! I figure it’s destiny and I bought it on the spot.



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  1. dreamtime says

    hey,will liketo ask,how much you bought danpo in taipei?thanks

  2. The Bonkler says

    I bought mine at K-Mall, it’s a building next to the Mitsukoshi near Taipei Main Station off the MRT.

    In the basement level, there’s an anime goods store that I bought the danbo at.

    If you want some more recommendations on places to buy anime things in Taipei, check out this post:

    Good luck!

  3. dreamtime says

    how much you pay for that little cute thing?

  4. The Bonkler says

    Hmm, sorry, I don’t remember, but I’ll guess around 1000 NT or $30USD?

  5. dreamtime says

    seriously so cheap?for Malaysia, they selling usd55-60

  6. The Bonkler says

    To be honest, it was a while ago so I might have the price wrong. $30 USD might just be wishful thinking on my part.

  7. Akke Wagenaar says


    iv i get it,
    you need to buy a danbo?
    you can’t make one yourself?
    thats very….STUPID!
    Can someone help me with making a danbo myself?

    x akke,

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