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Playstation Network – The hell, Sony?

As I’m sure everyone’s heard at this point, Sony had a huge information breach with the Playstation Network (on the order of 75 million accounts).

As a user of PSN, I’m severely disappointed in how Sony’s handling this. My credit card, address, password, email, etc. were all on there and now are all compromised.

What triggered this post though is that I noticed that I got an email from Sony with an explanation of the situation and an apology.


…in Japanese.


I have both a US and Japanese PSN account tied to different emails, and I haven’t gotten any notification of the sort from US Sony about a leak or an explanation of the extended downtime. It bothers me that I got that info from external sources (ars, slashdot, etc.) more than a week before (Japanese) Sony gave an explanation, which is more than a week after the leak was discovered.


Stay classy, Sony.

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