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Woah, where’d my (free) time go?

I’m sitting here now and it’s 5am on a Monday. There’s a report due soon and I’m still trying to convince myself that it’s the weekend because I haven’t slept yet.

What happened to my weekend? Did I really just blow all that time on playing games? (oh Portal 2 and Mass Effect 2, why so compelling?) I really need to reconsider my time management. I’ve scraped by all these years on bursts of work and all-nighters, but I’m not sure I can keep this up.

If only my PC could talk (it would be voiced by Nana Mizuki).

Because numbers are cool, I’m gonna try something for the next few days/weeks (as time/memory permits): I want to catalog how I spend my time per day, in hours, in rough categories.

I’ll make up the specific categories as I go along, but they’ll be things like: Sleep, Research, Schoolwork, Meetings, Anime, Reading (manga counts, right?), Games, Internets (does that include blogging?), Social Activities, Housework, etc.

I’m really curious how much time I actually spend doing _____ on average and what’s the distribution of activities on certain weekdays and the weekend. Hopefully, I can use this information to better inform my life. Or, it might just be interesting. (Or, I’ll just forget) We’ll see.


Vaguely related in a I-like-numbers way, I started collecting data points on packages I received from various carriers (USPS, UPS, Fedex). My n is still too low, but I’m hoping to eventually be able to predict when certain carriers will deliver my packages on certain days.

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  1. William says

    There’s RescueTime if you’re interested.

    I used it when it was free and beta, and it was too depressing seeing how much time I wasted on feeds / facebook relative to working so I just uninstalled it. D:

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