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New Season of Anime (Fall 2011) and Summer 2011 Recap: Better Late Than Never Edition

Uh… I’m a little late, each of these series already has 2-3 eps out.


Fall 2011 Anime

Fall 2011 Anime


It’s alright, this list will be short anyway:


Still Watching:


Idolm@ster – Don’t judge me. Actually, it’s surprisingly good. I was expecting a thinly-veiled harem anime with cookie-cutter archetypes, but they actually do a really good job of fleshing out all of the girls. It also helps that Producer-san has a fairly minimal role as he’s as useless and boring as most male protagonists. I totally didn’t think it would be a 24/26 ep series. Also, Makoto is still mai waifu.


Morita-san wa Mukuchi –  Still short. Still good. Girls doing cute things with other girls. Also, Morita doesn’t say much.


Definitely Watching:


Tamayura ~Hitotose~  – I really liked the OVA. The atmosphere, pacing, characters, mood were all perfect. I’ve seen the first few eps of the TV series and it’s adorable and relaxing. Reminds me a lot of Aria (same director, so not surprising). Also, Azunyan = Fu = gdlk moe.


Shinryaku?! Ika Musume – De geso. Hell yeah de geso. I really liked the 1st season, it’s funny and Ika Musume’s an interesting character. From what I’ve seen so far, the second season is more or the same (minus the denpa opening) which is good. Also, gesogesogesogeso.


Hidamari Sketch x SP – Sketch? Switch! Hell yeah. Ume Aoki can just take my money. I’ve always liked Hidamari Sketch, it’s very, very slice of life, but a lot of the design choices are very interesting (in that SHAFT way). Might be kinda hard to watch after Madoka (lol). Also, Sae x Hiro is canon.


…that’s… about it.


Maybe Watching:


Fate / Zero – Only because my friends are bothering me about it. Also, black suit Saber moe.


Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai – I’ve heard good things about it. Dunno if I’d actually watch it, probably depends on the amount of yuri and how GMP (generic male protagonist) the main character is. Also, friends are hard.


Chibi Devi! – Just look at it. Also… just look at it.



Summer 2011 Recap:



Nichijou – Awesome. Really random. And awesome. That’s how I’d describe Nichijou. It has even less plot than most slice of life (somehow, but that don’t matter), but the characters are really interesting (Mai you so troll). I find that the randomness actually works well in it’s favor, given how surreal the damn show is. It has some really, really funny moments though. Also, MIOOOOOOOOOOO.


Yuru Yuri – Yes. Probably one of the best shows last season. Adorable, has yuri, and somewhat psychotic, the three things I look for in anime. It plays off a lot of the normal conventions for comedy/slice of life shows and throws it back in your face while girls are having delusions about girls doing cute things to other girls. Awesome. Also, yurarararayuruyuri.


Usagi Drop – More yes. Definitely the best show last season. Art direction was amazing. Adaptation was excellent. Very touching show that really makes you care about the characters without resorting to cheap, drama-esque plot tricks. Also, Rin is adorable.


Carnival Phantasm – Aw hell yeah. Dat opening. Fan service (of a good kind) to the max. Miyako and her master, Nanaya make an appearance, I am happy. Just as calculated. Also, * snap * Houkago Rojiura Doumei.


Still working on:


Nekogami Yaoyorozu – It’s… alright. There’s really not much to say about it besides the surprise cameo appearances of retro gaming consoles. Also, oh my god.


Nyanpire the Animation – Nyaa. Amusing enough to spare 5min. Surprising amount of neko BL, which for some reason I’m okay with. Also, the ending scares me.


Might go back and watch:


Ikoku Meiro Croisee – Only because Yune is adorable. I really dislike Claude. That is all. Also, Yune is adorable.




Kamisama no Memochou – Promising premise made terrible by the boring and douchy GMP (generic male protagonist) and the really boring plot (especially for a 1st episode). Shame, Alice is kinda awesome. Also, dropped in the 1st ep.

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  1. Chuan says

    Bokutomo has some implied yuri that gets pretty awesome if they get that far in the material. Watchit imo =D
    Also, the mad scientist chick is awesome.

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