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Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code Demo (w/ netplay!) released!

Melty Blood is definitely one of my favorite fighting game series. In fact, it’s (MBAA specifically) probably the first fighting game that I’ve taken seriously.

It’s been a long-ass time, but they’re finally releasing the next revision (MBAACC 1.07), and the demo is out!

Miyako and Friends

Has nothing to do with Melty Blood, except that Miyako's adorable.

The demo features Arcueid, W.Arcueid, Sion, and V.Sion

Haven’t tried the netplay out yet since I can’t do port forwarding., but I’m really looking forward to trying it out later.


Quick settings program translation:

MainSetting tab:

Dropdown menu is screen resolution

Checkbox under it is to toggle Fullscreen

JoystickConfig tab:

Everything is self-explanatory except that under Start is “Confirm” and “Cancel”.


I actually really dislike the whole “Confirm” and “Cancel” thing, just map them to A and B or something and be done with it! Well, I guess the settings mode actually lets you do that, so that’s cool then.

One thing though that’s cool about the Settings program is that if you have a joystick plugged in and are doing button config, if you press the corresponding button on your stick, the program will register that button automatically, making button mapping really fast.


Played a bit of training mode and arcade mode. Training mode seems fully featured, I’m liking the multiple slots for dummy recordings. Arcade mode is simply the four available characters twice and then GAME OVER “buy our game by buying Carnival Phantasm 3 guys!”


Miyako and Friends 2

Has nothing to do with Carnival Phantasm, except that Miyako is adorable.

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