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Winter 2012 Anime: Apocalypse Edition (and recap)

New season of anime’s already upon us:

Winter 2012 Anime

Winter 2012 Anime




Fate/Zero – I was really surprised by now good this show is. I think what makes it so much better than Fate/Stay is that there isn’t a boring-as-hell main character whose only purpose is that fanboys can fap live vicariously through him, instead choosing to more or less show all the various factions equally. But really, you should watch it for loli Rin.




Kill Me Baby – This show is so troll. Just look at the OP and ED. From what I’ve seen so far though, it’s pretty funny and somewhat absurdist. But really, I just want some assassin moe (oh, Noir).


Milky Holmes 2 – This show. I loved the original Milky Holmes, which was cracked out already. It’s like the creators took their profits from the first season and upgraded their drugs. This is a good thing. But really, I wanna see more typical loli dykes.


Nisemonogatari – I liked Bakemonogatari, one of the few shows with a  male protagonist that I think is worth watching. I’m excited to see the Fire Sisters get more screen time too. But really, what I wanna see is more Nadeko (dunno if it’ll happen though).


Black Rock Shooter – Aw yeah. I liked the OAV, despite the lack of any real plot. They did set up a nice universe to build off of though (although I have no idea how they’re gonna do it). But really, I just wanna see Mato x Yomi.



Rinne no Lagrange – Girls in sportswear riding robots? I’d buy that for a dollar! Haven’t actually watched it yet, but girls in giant robots is always fun. But really, I’m hoping for yuri.


Senhime Zesshou Symphogear – Idols riding robots?  I’d buy that for a dollar!  Haven’t actually watched it yet, but girls in giant robots is always fun. But really, I’m hoping for yuri.


Mouretsu Pirates – Joshikousei pirates? I’d buy that for half a dollar! This looks… silly, but I’m cool with silly. As long as they don’t try to play it straight, it might have a chance. But really, I’m still hoping for yuri.

Minori Scramble!
 – Penguin androids? Penguinoid? Sure, why not? But really, I just wanna see penguins.



Fall 2011 recap:


Tamayura ~Hitotose~ – Probably my favorite show last season. There’s just something about the atmosphere, setting, and characters that just all comes together to make the whole picture.


Shinryaku!? Ika Musume – I expected it to be more or less the same as the first season, and… it was, which isn’t a bad thing. I really miss the denpa OP though.


Hidamari Sketch x SP – Turns out this was a 2(?) ep OAV. I really, really like the ED. Hidamari Sketch is always really enjoyable, but watching this after watching Madoka makes me think weird things to myself.

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