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Swords and Shoes

Soul Calibur V’s come out recently, and I’m attempting to pick it up. I’ve actually played all the other games in the Soul Calibur series, but none for serious. Was going to play Natsu, but a friend suggested learning Leixia since she’s a simpler character.


Also she's adorable.

3D fighters are… weird. Well, just the fact that guarding is a button rather than holding the stick back is weird enough. It seems like whiff punishing is even more important than usual in SC5, and the ability to do things like sidestep only emphasize that. In general, I’m still somewhat shaky on mixups in the game, but the gameplay is interesting, especially in how different it is from 2D fighters.

In other fighting game news, our local fighting game chapter CMUken held another Challenge session. One of them was me beating the local Magical Drop 3 expert (but he had a handicap). Also, it looks like I’m going to Winter Brawl in Philly soon. Not sure what I’m gonna play (it looks like I’m gonna play a bunch of games) or how I’ll do in those games (hopefully better than 0-2), but I’ll be in there.


On a completely different note, I got some new shoes recently, and man, I feel boss wearing them.

New shoes

Like a bauss.

I’ve noticed recently that I’ve started to care a lot more about what I wear and how I look in general. I used to not really care about things like fit, preferring to wear baggier clothes since they’re more comfortable. But at some point, I made the tradeoff to sacrifice comfort for looking better.

Makes me wonder: who am I dressing for? For the ladies? I should probably dress more boldly if I wanted to do that. For myself? I do feel more confident when I dress nicely, but that seems like more of a placebo than anything else. For society? Well, they just need me to hide my private parts, and I got that part covered.

Panty and Stocking: Unplugged

Most of the time, anyway.

Well, at least I still don’t really dress like a PhD student, so that’s probably okay then.

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