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Life and Taiwan

It’s kinda funny. When I have a bunch of interesting, blog-worthy things happening, it’s hard to find the excuse to sit down and write about them. Recently, I’ve done the following things:

Go to CSCW in Seattle (my first academic conference!)

Go to Winter Brawl in Philadelphia (We recorded BB and GG matches while there, check it out)

Go to Distant Worlds in Pittsburgh (FF music + orchestra = win)

Go to UC: Irvine (research group thing, also visited Hollywood since it’s there)


…damn. So much stuff (mostly travel) in about 3 weeks of time.

tricolor airlinnnnne

Something like this, but a lot less moe.


And now, I’m going off to Taiwan for a week or so for Spring Break and visiting The Family. I’ll try to blog a bit more while there, but no guarantees until I see how the internet situation is.

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