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Stayin’ Otaku: Madoka@Good Smile Cafe in Taipei

Holy crap.

There’s a Good Smile Cafe in Taipei!?


Outside K-Mall Taipei

K-Mall: Spot the Good Smile Cafe

Near Taipei Main Station there’s K-Mall. If you look at the signs outside K-Mall, above the maroon Muji sign, there’s a nice, bright orange sign that says “Good Smile”. There’s also a sign in front of K-Mall with said orange sign and tragic magical girls. Bonus!

Cafe du Madoka

Cafe du Madoka

Greeted by staff dressed in maid and butler uniforms, we sat down and were given the menu:

Madoka Menu

Madoka Menu

As you can see, the menu is fairly sparse, consisting of a number of themed dishes (like a dish of curry shaped like Kyubey) and a bunch of themed special drinks. Everything was fairly expensive too, with a special service charge added to the themed dishes and drinks. But hey, this kind of place isn’t really meant to optimize the food-to-price ratio after all.

I ended up getting the KyouSaya-themed roll cake, named the… “Kyouko and Sayaka Roll Cake”.

Kyouko and Sayaka Roll Cake

KyouSaya Roll Cake

It tasted like young girls in love.

I do really like the attention to detail, like the red and blue gel frosting swirls and the KyouSaya placemat.

After placing our order, the waiter told us that we were free to take pictures of the cafe as we wished. I did just that while trying to contain my gushing fanboyness.

Madoka art wall

Madoka art wall

As you’d expect, there’s a lot of art along the walls from the anime, including the artwork that shows up at the end of the episodes and character designs.

Good Smile figures wall

Good Smile figures wall

Also as you’d expect from Good Smile Cafe, there’s a wall with a whole bunch of nendoroids and figmas and other figures.

Anime guestbook

Guestbook Illustrations

Also, as you’d expect, the guestbook is full of Madoka-related illustrations, like this one of Kyouko.


A wild Kyubey has appeared!

Also, as you’d expect, there are wild Kyubeys.

Speaking of photos, they also have this photo-op station with a chance to take a picture with Charlotte.

A wild Charlotte has appeared!

Oh shi-

All in all, it was relatively expensive, but totally worth it just to see everything in the cafe and to experience the taste of young girls in love. As a fan of the show, seeing all the thought they put into the various parts of the cafe was great.

Also, a picture of Yui in a bottle, just because:

Yui in a bottle

Yui in a bottle

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