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Whoo! Back in Pittsburgh

So I’m not dead.


Or maybe I'm already dead.

I’ve been really busy with a bunch of stuff lately, mostly traveling around.

What I have been up to?

Did the drive from Texas to California again, this time to help my sister move out there.

Made an impromptu trip to Los Angeles for Anime Expo. I’m too lazy to post all my pics at the moment, so I’ll just post my favorite one:

Danbo loves children


And I went to the Evolution fighting championship in Las Vegas.

ST tournament of legends at evo

Old-school play at Evo.

I went there to play KOF13, and I did… kinda crappy to be all honest. I think it was mostly due to my inability to adapt quickly enough to deal with gimmicks. I also realized from talking with people is that the ability to pressure is key. Nothing quite like walking forward (yet still being able to block, lol).

I did also get to play Persona 4 Arena and DIVEKICK! Persona 4 Arena was awesome, but the lines were stupid long all the time so I didn’t get many chances to play. DIVEKICK was pretty awesome. Exposed a fraud the first time I played.


Now that I’m back in Pittsburgh, I kinda want to settle down a bit and start doing projects. For one, I plan to update this blog a bit more. I’m also planning on streaming more (follow @Team2A on twitter for streams). We’ll see.

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