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…oh yeah, I have a blog…

Uh… I’ve completely forgotten about this blog until recently.




I’ve got a ton of excuses why, but none of them are really all that interesting. Mostly, I find it hard to sit down and write something for an hour or two. Ironically, that’s a good portion of why I wanted to start this blog.

It’s kinda interesting how important writing has become in my life though. Coming into my Software Engineering PhD program, I knew that I would be reading a whole lot…

Reading is FUNdamental.

And I do.

But honestly? I find that my writing ability has become about as important as my ability to do technical work, which is kinda surprising. To be honest, the technical work I do these days is pretty easy. Most of it consists of making data collection scripts and analyzing the data I get. But turning that data into something… publishable… that’s the trick. That’s where the ability to draw from theory, create an argument, and present it become important. It’s only just recently that I’ve discovered that’s the main challenge of getting a PhD.


TLDR: I’m gonna try to update this blog more often and get some practice writing as a result.


What else?


I’m gonna go to Japan this winter! I’ll be sure to update my blog daily while I’m there! I will ensure that I return with much less money. Believe it!

NegiToro Tricolor Airline

Preferably on the NegiToro Tricolor Airline


Gonna go to NEC in the beginning of December… I was hoping that I would have a lot more Persona 4 Arena experience before then. Need to grind it out more. Though, I have been playing a lot of KOF13, so that’s good at least.

Kula DP

How not to win with Kula: 623A


I’m also considering moving this blog to a more sane url. Perhaps to the top level ( or something cute like ( Will consider it and probably make the switch next week. Or at least before I go to Japan.

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  1. Chuan says

    Welcome back =D

  2. The Bonkler says

    Thanks! I’ll try to push out more (geeky) content more often! Believe it!

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