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In Japan!

So I’m in Japan again with some friends from college. I’m going to try to blog as regularly as I can about this trip and post pics.


I actually got into Tokyo (surprisingly Haneda airport instead of Narita) around 10pm and after customs and currency exchange and stuff, actually got out at around 11pm.

This time around I decided to rent a 3g SIM card from SoftBank. They have a rental plan that’s really reasonable (at about 105JPY a day + minor usage fees) that’s only available at SoftBank stores in airports. Thankfully the woman working there spoke English, as this conversation would’ve been way too complicated for my basic Japanese.


SoftBank otousan

Also, they have awesome ads

We’re leaving for Kanazawa at around 6am… today. It’s also about 3am right now, and I have decided to blog and scout out for Comiket 83 instead of sleep.

More to come, stay tuned!

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  1. bedabeda says

    Awesome! When I was there my friend rented a phone from Softbank too. Definitely a smart move. Are you going to Comiket?

    Enjoy and take some pics of Xmas time there ^-^

  2. The Bonkler says

    Yeah, I’m definitely going to Comiket! Really looking forward to it! Not sure about Christmas, I think I’ll be on the train going back from Kanazawa for most of that day.

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