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Day 10: Illness can’t stop me from buying anime goods!

I woke up feeling really, really terrible. Could barely get down the stairs terrible. But, there was a special at K-Books this day… so, gotta man up… for Anime.


At a friend’s request, we went to Yodobashi Camera first to look for various stuff. One of my party members had lost his Macbook Air power supply in the shuffle from Hotel Nikko in Odaiba to our current hostel in Asakusabashi. Turns out Yodobashi Camera didn’t have the Magsafe 2 anyway. Another party member wanted to look for Japanese pens and the like.


At some point, the more hardcore among us split off and went to K-Books to fight the otaku crowds and buy stuff. The reason that K-Books was so packed was three-fold:

1. K-Books had stocked a bunch of stuff from C83, so people were there looking for stuff they had missed.

2. There was a promotion going on where you could get 2 shitajiki and/or a binder if you spent enough.

3. There was also bonus points if you sold stuff during this time.


I already kinda knew what I wanted, so I grabbed the stuff and went into the huge line for the cashier. Here’s what I got:

K-Books loot

K-Books loot

You can see the binder and the shitajiki in the pic above, too. What I really wanted from K-Books was the limited edition of the 2nd volume of 飴色紅茶館歓談 (Chatting at the Amber Teahouse) with the Drama CD. I couldn’t find that Drama CD (Blue Christmas) anywhere on the internet. (It’s pretty awesome, with top-tier voice acting like Nana Mizuki and Yukari Tamura). Also got the 薄荷屋 (Hakka-ya) artbook I missed from C83 and some older うつらうららか (Utsura Uraraka) stuff like Aria Waha- 2.  Got some Heartcatch Precure! doujinshi from Atelier Miyabi and Apricot+ too.


By the time I finished, I was feeling exceptionally shitty, so I just went back early after buying everything that I wanted. Even took the train for 1 stop because I was feeling that bad. Stopped by a Lawson’s for dinner, lots of fluids, and vitamin C. Time to pass out…

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