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Hori VX SA Blast City Custom (updated)

So I’ve been modding arcade sticks for a while, not to make money or anything, but so players in my community can have nice sticks. Also, more people having dual-modded sticks is a huge plus when it comes to our weekly meetups.


Here’s one I made recently for a friend:

Hori VX SA Blast City ver.

Hori VX SA Blast City Custom


The art is based off of the Sega Blast City arcade cabinet panel art. It’s actually a combination of a few different versions of the panel:

Blast City art for hori vx sa

Blast City art for hori vx sa


blast city panel
Taken from:


There’s actually a whole bunch of Sega arcade cabinets that are quite nice, like Versus City and the iconic Astro City.


I ended up having to recreate a lot of the graphics and text (everything except the background and Blast City logo). The font isn’t quite right but… meh.


The stick is MC modded, so it works for 360, PS3, PC, PS2, and a bunch of other consoles via the RJ45 jack in the back. Uses the MC Cthulhu and Imp v2 boards. I tried to save time by cutting the button signal wire in half and connecting both halves to the Cthulhu, but all of the resulting wires were way too short, so I gave up on that. Otherwise, the mod was pretty straightforward. Even got to play a bit of Melty Blood on the PS2 to test the PS2 cord.

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