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So I made this just now, and I don’t apologize for it.


It’s based off of the excellent song “Bassdrop Freaks” from Beatmania IIDX: Pendual.


Hacking it together was pretty fun, most of the work was in the frontend (and mainly the animation). The backend is ridiculously simple since it’s nothing more than a counter.

Animation uses velocity.js which is pretty great for something like this. (not having to worry about cross-browser stuff like I would if I had used CSS is really nice)

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  1. LoliPope says

    Wow, the timing for the “ppu” in the BASSDOROPPU thing really bothers me
    I would have used like it is in the actual song, but thats just me though

    Anyway is it ok if I steal some of the pngs for a video or something? I’ll make sure and credit you and stuff.

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