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I’m Jason Tsay, The Bonkler, and I’ve watched Azumanga Daioh too many times. I’m also a Software Engineering grad student. This blog started as a log of my trip to Taiwan and Japan and is now a log of the random events of my life. Everything from anime to build logs of the random electronics I make to pictures of interesting things I find… maybe even a bit of data porn.

I’m an aspiring Software Engineering grad student. With that comes the usual interests in computers and shiny gadgets. I also really like making stuff with my hands, so you might see buildlogs of me making electronics and stuff.

I’m also a major otaku, and I try to keep up with anime, manga, and other geeky stuff that interest me. I’m big on fighting games and shmups, too. I occasionally do some Japanese to English translating, mostly doujinshi.

Email me sometime at

thebonkler   at   gmail   dot   com

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