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Breakfast in Taiwan

If there’s one thing I love about Taiwan, it’s that the food is cheap and good. Especially breakfast. Now I’m not much of a breakfast person, in fact, my normal breakfast is to chug iced coffee and to run out the door to class, but, yeah, breakfast is worth the waking in Taiwan.

There are a whole bunch of small places to eat breakfast in Taipei, like this one we ate at:

Breakfast place in Taiwan
Breakfast place in Taiwan

I had Sao Bing You Tiao (燒餅油條), a fried pastry wrapped in more fried pastry and all kinds of delicious, and Dou Jiang (豆漿) (sweetened, I wanted salty, but they didn’t have any left), a kind of soy milk.

Sao Bing You Tiao and Dou Jiang
Sao Bing You Tiao and Dou Jiang

(btw, those nails with the green fingernail polish are not mine)

But man, Sao Bing You Tiao is great stuff, it’s all fried, flaky, a bit fluffy, and awesome when it’s fresh and in it’s natural habitat like this. My mom has a Fan Tuan (飯糰),  a piece of You Tiao wrapped in sticky rice, and Mi Jiang (米漿), a kind of rice milk. I’ve actually never had Mi Jiang until today, and it’s pretty good. Kind of a smoky, almost crispy flavor to it.

Best part? Our breakfast cost less than $4 for all 3 of us.

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