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JR Exchange Pass

The JR Exchange Pass allows people that specifically don’t live in Japan to use JR rail/bus services an unlimited amount of times for a fixed price and a fixed amount of time.


Relatively speaking, it’s kinda expensive. My 7-day pass cost me about $320.


It’s kinda interesting that they specifically restrict it to those that don’t live in Japan. Japanese citizens can buy them, but they have to prove nonresidence. As the JR Exchange Pass includes riding the Shinkansen (where tickets are pretty expensive, our trip from Tokyo to Maibara would’ve cost about 13000JPY), I’m guessing that this has the potential of saving a whole lot of money if used properly. Maybe that’s why it’s restricted to non-residents? Then again, it seems like non-residents are the most likely to take a whole bunch of trips and take advantage of the reduced rates.

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